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The Mandalorian. Disruptions in ATTACHMENT. Is THIS THE WAY?

SPOILER alert season 1 only

Who else is sooo excited about Mandalorian being released tomorrow on October 30th. I rarely ever binge on a series but I remember on a simple lazy Saturday I WATCHED THE WHOLE Season from beginning to the end. It was exciting and who else doesn't love watching a cute baby yoda.

More interestingly, I found "Mando" or the Mandalorian very auspicious. He had his job. He wasn't just good at what he did he was AMAZING. He got the accolades of his peers. He had it all. That is what led him to his next job. The job that changed everything. A young foundling deliver it here no questions asked.

Now something changed within the hard exterior of Mandalorian. Some sort of instinct sparked unconsciously reminded him of something that was unbeknown towards him. He developed some sort of ATTACHMENT towards this foundling. The foundling developed an attachment towards him. Thus began an amazing yet arduous journey.

What is attachment exactly? It is the relationship between humans. More importantly a young child and at least one primary caregiver. Bowlby, harlow, spitz, winnicott, ainsworth all helped contribute towards the attachment theory. Of most importance is a disorder of attachment that was developed by Spitz called anaclitic depression or hospitalism. Children with normal attachment that were suddenly separated from their mothers may develop depression, withdrawal or increased vulnerability to physical illness and changes. More interestingly when the child and the mom were reunited the children were able to recover.

We also learn that Mando experienced a disruption in his own attachment where he was abruptly taken away from his family and rescued by another Mandalorian. He never reunited with his family again. Attachment disrupted! He identified with the Mandalorian culture. The traits he developed of a hard exterior devoid of relationships was only motivated by what he believed his purpose was of "this is the way."

When Mando met his new foundling, the foundling (baby yoda) was alone and life taken away very similar to his own disrupted attachment. Mando completed his job. The job was not what he wanted. He RISKED EVERYTHING for this foundling. He also gained friendships. He found his new purpose... to raise this new foundling.

I'm excited to see what the Mandalorian has set for him in season 2. As i'm sure you all are to. Sometimes in life we do the same thing and it just turns into routine then something happens and you have two choices..... Go the way that you are accustomed to or the unknown path.... " This is the way" to help you find your greater Purpose.


Javen Valerie Cavazos MD

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