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Mandalorian Season finale: Attachment, identity, allowing the force to be with you

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

SPOILER ALERT: Season 2 Mandalorian

The Mandalorian finale was astonishing! It was full of emotions and I think we all went through a journey with baby yoda to now realize he is not a baby anymore.

It was exciting to see baby yoda endure other relationships separate from Djin Darin. He went to school. Somewhat rebellious in wanting those macaroons by realizing he could use his jedi force to get something he wanted.

We learned about baby yoda's identity with his conversation with Ahsoka Tano.

His name: Grogu.

It is an ultimate coming of age story.

Erik Erikson’s Stage 5 of the life cycle: Identity.

Where one develops the independence and sense of self.

The great question: who am I?

When Grogu goes to Tython to choose his path. He is in a deep meditative state, so deep in thoughts that he cannot be interrupted by anyone. I compare to being in the zone. You are so focused on your goal that you are laser focused in achieving what you want or desire.

Ultimately that thought cannot persist forever and Grogu ultimately crashes. Same with us. Your mind must rest and relax.

When Grogu is taken away, he is found in a room alone. He realizes that he does not have the security of Djin Darin to keep him safe. He needs to be stronger! He needs to fight! He needs to use that energy and talent to protect him.

Ultimately, the Djin Darin rescues Grogu but the ultimate emotional roller coaster came full circle when he realized he needed to let him go so Grogu can understand his into his gifted talents.

The last moments of Djin Darin and Grogu were truly touching. Djin Darin realized that he wanted to connect with Grogu on a deeper level. By removing his helmet and looking at both of their eyes it was the ultimate deep connection. At this moment, their journey was moving to the next chapter. Djin Darin knew that it was time to let him go to train as a jedi to allow the force to be with him. He reassured Grogu he would see him again.

The attachment, the bond, the journey in our life cycle continues.

Our attachments to others allow us to achieve something great to be independent and grow our own sense of self.

Do you let someone go not knowing what will happen to them with the fears that exist in this world? Or do we allow ourselves to trust that we did all we could do so that person we raised and connected with can use their gift, fine tune themselves, to allow the force to be with you.

Have a mentally Healthy day!

Javen Valerie Cavazos MD San Antonio Adult Board Certified Psychiatrist

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