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Phobias feels more like a Trick than a treat

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Halloween is upon us. A day where people wear scary costumes. Underneath that costume what scares you. Does the word Spider....make your skin crawl. Being in a high building make you feel a certain way. This may be a phobia. What is a phobia exactly?

Some characteristics of a phobia include

a MARKED fear or anxiety about a specific object or situation.

It IMMEDIATELY precipitates fear or anxiety

The specific object is actively AVOIDED

It is OUT OF PROPORTION to the actual danger

Did you know that it is the most common anxiety disorder.

Although Phobias exist lots of treatments and therapies exist to alleviate it. It is possible to change that phobia from a trick to a treat. It's about not allowing what trick us into believing so.

Have a mentally healthy Halloween!


Your San Antonio Psychiatrist.

Javen Valerie Cavazos MD

Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist

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