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I Elect to Stay Calm

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

It's the eve of the election. Some of you voted. Others decided to wait til tomorrow.

My most memorable election night moments was in Austin when I was attending UT. I decided to go to the capitol to see what would happen. I even somehow got a lanyard to be invited into the area where the national media was. It was amazing. It seemed as if every minute the winner changed! ULTIMATELY, no winner would be proclaimed until the whole Chad debacle was solved.

It was a simpler time. Social media didn't exist.Cell phones had buttons that you can only call on. NO TEXTING. You only knew what was going on by looking at the huge screen displayed around.

Now it seems that the information that is received is sensory overload from all forms of communication.

This may lead to an overwhelming amount of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that can be irrational or uncomfortable.

Try to Unplug, disconnect, and be mindful. Somethings are beyond our control. I elect to stay calm regardless.


Javen Valerie Cavazos MD

Your san antonio psychiatrist

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