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988 the new 911 for Mental Health Emergency

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

You know 911 is for emergency, you know 311 is for non emergencies.

What is 988?

When you or your loved one is going through an emotionally charged emergency about your mental health it isn't the easiest number to remember the national suicide prevention lifeline which is 1 800 273 TALK. It has been in place for years.

The coronavirus pandemic has produced an influx of mental health issues which has led to more calls for mental health emergencies in the recent months.

A new bipartisan bill has just been signed in to law and it aims to be in place by July 2022. This is really exciting for mental health as there have been an increase in mental health issues especially in this current pandemic. The public is becoming more engaged and outspoken about their mental health and voicing the need for more help. This is a GIANT step forward in the right direction to allowing us to have a mentally healthy day.

The weather is crisp and cold here in San Antonio. I guess its what we call sweater weather.

Stay warm, stay motivated, Stay informed!

Last but not least remember to have a "mentally healthy day."

Your San Antonio Psychiatrist

Javen Valerie Cavazos MD

Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist

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